In Family mediation an independent, professionally trained mediator helps you and the other person (your ex spouse or other parent) work out an agreement about issues such as:

  • Parenting schedule and decision-making 
  • Child support , payment of other expenses for children
  • Spousal support or alimony  (support for you or your spouse)
  • Division of property (for example your house, savings, pension, or debts)

Family mediation

  • Is less stressful usually much cheaper than going to court 
  • Helps you make arrangements for parenting, property and money
  • Lets you keep more control of your family’s future
  • Helps you put your child’s interests first
  • Helps you all move on quickly to the next stage of your lives
  • Enables you to reach an agreement that can be changed if your circumstances change


I offer online mediation services that allows you to engage in safe, convenient and efficient discussions to resolve your issues. All you need is a computer, ipad or cell phone.